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The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland - Advertising rates
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Advertising rates

The Society encourages organisations and individuals to advertise their products and services in its journals. However the Society does reserve the right to review advertising material submitted and occasionally to exclude adverts if there is insufficient page space available in a particular issue of a journal.

Mineralogical Magazine and Clay Minerals

Mineralogical Magazine is published six times per year and has a circulation of approximately 800 in paper form (advertising is not included n the electronic versions). Clay Minerals is published quarterly and has circulation of approximately 500. Advertisements received will be included in the next available issue unless otherwise specified.


Whole page — (Typed area 200 x 140 mm) — £220.00 + VAT per issue

Half Page — (Type area 100 x 140 mm) — £118.00 + VAT per issue

The advert ideally should be received as ‘camera ready copy’ and can be sent by e-mail to info@minersoc.org, either as a Microsoft Word file or pdf file.


The cost of inserting 800 leaflets in one issue of Mineralogical Magazine is £220.00 + VAT.

The leaflets must be received by us ready to insert i.e. pre-folded if necessary. Leaflets when folded should be no larger than A5 size. The Society may charge additional postage if leaflets are more than one sheet of A4 folded paper.

* Ideally sent directly to our printers for insertion in the journal


There is a discount of 15% if an advert is placed in six consecutive issues of Mineralogical Magazine or four issues of Clay Minerals.  VAT is charged at 20%.

Advertising on the Society's website

Short text messages with images or figures can be placed on the home page of the Society’s website at a minimum charge of £50 per insertion for a period of up to three months. Please e-mail info@minersoc.org with your announcement.