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Carminite from Broken Hill
Images by David Green
'Images of Clay'

Clay Minerals Group

The Clay Minerals Group promotes the advancement of clay science and clay technology as applied to all aspects of pure and applied research and industrial uses. The interests of its members cover a wide spectrum, including mining and mineral processing, soils and plant nutrition, crystallography, sedimentary geology, ceramics, petroleum engineering and medicine. Regular meetings are held two or three times a year. The group publishes reference monographs on specific aspects of clay science, is responsible for the journal Clay Minerals, and sponsors the annual George Brown Lecture. Further details about the group are available from the secretary, S. Kemp at sjk@bgs.ac.uk. The Group also provides CMG Bursaries to help students and CMG members attend conferences.


Research in Progress 2018

The next RiP meeting will take place at University of Sheffield on Wednesday 27th June 2018.

For queries, contact: Dr Binoy Sarkar (b.sarkar@sheffield.ac.uk


Online submission to Clay Minerals 


From 21st September 2016, authors must submit their papers to Clay Minerals at http://www.edmgr.com/clayminerals/




Workshop Bursaries

George Brown Lecture

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Office bearers in the Clay Minerals Group since foundation  

Research in Progress Meeting 2013 report
Euroclay 2015 report

Geomechanical and Petrophysical Properties of Mudrocks, Nov 2015, report 



Workshop Bursaries

The Clay Minerals Group welcomes bursaries applications for short workshops on any aspect of clay mineral science.  Funding of up to £2K may be requested to assist with, by way of example, student/researcher travel bursaries, venue and catering costs, etc.  Preference will be given to proposals where matched funding has been obtained from other sources. To apply, please send a short proposal (2 sides of A4 max, outlining the proposed workshop, the names of those leading/speaking, envisaged names and numbers of attendees, a full breakdown of costs and details of matched funding) to Simon Kemp: sjk@bgs.ac.uk .”


George Brown Lecture

The 2017 George Brown Lecture will be given by Peter Vrolijk and David Pevear (formerly of Exxon). The talk, to be delivered as a keynote lecture at the 16th International Clay Conference in Granada, Spain, will have the title: 'Fault Dating: Motivations, Early Development, and Impact'


Rock-forming Minerals vol 3C: Clay Minerals

The second edition of the volume devoted to Clay Minerals by Jeff Wilson was published in 2013 by the Geological Society as part of the Deer, Howie & Zussman Rock Forming Minerals series and is available to MinSoc members at a discount price .