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EMU Notes in Mineralogy - volume 12

Raman spectroscopy applied to Earth Sciences and Cultural Heritage

(J. Dubessy, M.-C. Caumon and F. Rull, editors)


ISBN: 978-0-903056-31-1

xvii + 504 pp. 

£50 (institutions) or £35 (individuals)

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".......[this] is an outstanding contribution that sholud be included n the personal library of anyone interested in Raman.......It is ideally suited for use as a text book in a graduate course in Raman spectorscopy or analytical techniques." - Elements

Chapter 1: The Raman Effect and the vibrational dynamics of molecules and crystalline solids
by Fernando Rull

Chapter 2: Raman and fluorescence
Gerard Panczer, Dominique de Ligny, Clement Mendoza, Michael Gaft, Anne-Magali Seydoux-Guillaume and Xiaochun Wang

Chapter 3: Instrumentation in Raman spectroscopy: elementary theory and practice
Jean Dubessy, Marie-Camille Caumon, Fernando Rull and Shiv Sharma

Chapter 4: Theoretical modelling of Raman spectra
Razvan Caracas and Ema Bobocioiu

Chapter 5: Raman data analysis
Nicolae Tarcea and Jurgen Popp

Chapter 6: Optical cells with fused silica windows for the study of geological fluids
I-Ming Chou

Chapter 7: The hydrothermal diamond anvil cell (HDAC) for Raman spectroscopic studies of geological fluids at high pressures and temperatures
Christian Schmidt and I-Ming Chou

Chapter 8: Raman spectroscopy of gases, water and other geological fluids
Valentin Garcia-Baonza, Fernando Rull and Jean Dubessy

Chapter 9: Raman spectroscopy of silicate glasses and melts in geological systems
Stephanie Rossano and Bjorn Mysen

Chapter 10: Raman spectroscopy at high pressure and temperature for the study of the Earth’s mantle and planetary minerals
Bruno Reynard, Gilles Montagnac and Herve Cardon

Chapter 11: Raman spectroscopy in biogeology and astrobiology
Isabelle Daniel and Howell G.M. Edwards

Chapter 12: Application of Raman spectroscopy to the study of graphitic carbons in the Earth Sciences
Olivier Beyssac and MIchele Lazzeri

Chapter 13: Raman spectroscopy applied to Gemmology
Emmanuel Fritsch, Benjamin Rondeau, Thomas Hainschwang and Stefanos Karampelas

Chapter 14: Applications of Raman spectroscopy in cultural heritage research
Peter Vandenabeele

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